Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One diabolical kitty!

For the most part blogs are so boring. Do I look bored to you? Actually, this is where I hatch my best plans. I may look like I'm sleeping, but I am really thinking. I think all the time. I think, therefore, I am.
The sink in the master bathroom just happens to fit me to a T. It's the purrfect (get it?) multipurpose hangout. And when I'm thirsty--it's easy--I meow in a really pathetic way and Becky comes running to turn on the tap. Why grovel drinking out of a bowl when you can get it fresh from the faucet? I tell ya, I have these humans trained.
Looking at this picture you probably think I've always had the life of Riley. Well, you'd be wrong. Before I took over Full Circle Ranch here in Oregon I spent a miserable time in servitude to four little girls--evil little girls who dressed me up in doll's clothing, jumped with me on the trampoline, tried to drown me in the toilet and pretty much daily concocted various other ways to torture me. It's not my fault I became The Diabolical Kitty mua ha ha ha ha-meowwww.
They called me Teddy but here I am pretty much just known as "The Boyfriend". Maybe that's because I slobber on Becky sometimes and she thinks I have a crush on her...or because I get to sleep between her and Rahn at night and he better dare not try to move me. I'll let her think whatever if it gets me my daily bowl.
Still, I probably would have never left their household (the parents adored me) accept that they moved to a new rental--NO CATS ALLOWED! (YES!!!) And did I want to move in with the Hostetters who had no children living at home? Yes!!! I thought I died and went to heaven....until I found out they have five grandchildren. Which I shall tell you all about in due course. Let me just say, life is never purrrrfect--get it?
But right now, it's snack time, so gotta run!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! My Charlie cat used to play in my husband's sink while I was getting ready in the mornings! I miss him so much!

  2. Thanks! I'm stunned...wanted to start my blog and just threw this up as an idea. Should I run with it??--don't even really know how to get it out there!? Boyfriend has many sides!

  3. If you write it, they will come. Just write when the mood hits you and the readers will find you my friend! Great start!