Monday, March 9, 2009

Who Owns This Blog Spot Anyway?

Every once in a while Boyfriend here lays in front of the computer with a meowlevolant glare somehow willing his thoughts to mysteriously appear on this blog. This is known as cat channeling. However, this is NOT his blog, though I will occassionally share the space with him! This blog space is owned by one Rebecca Hostetter!!

So just a note of clarification...the 4 evil children mentioned in his 1st blog are really delightful little girls, belonging to Mick and Scott McDonald, our friends. I'm just sure they never intended to flush him down the toilet, but hey--stuff happens. The McDonalds moved to The Shire--our affectionate name for Wallowa County, Oregon--last summer. We have an amazing covenant community here and in addition to that we just happen to be situated in the most beautiful spot in the world--bar none. It's easy to see why people end up moving to this valley. If you build it they will come, as the saying goes. [The Shire on a winter morn]

Scott and Mick have a dream of starting a dairy and creamery here someday. They have owned a special miniature breed of cows called Dexters and have spent the past few years studying and reseaching starting up a dairy and making cheese. Mick is an extraordinary cook and hostess and going to any event at their home is sheer ecstacy.

I don't know how she manages it with 4 children under the age of 5, but she does it in a grand way. Scott was born and raised on a big ranch in Eastern Oregon and both of them long to have a small ranch of their own someday. For now, they are renting in town, hence the advent of the Boyfriend into our otherwise tranquil household.
I admit, I longed to have a good house cat but figured it was out of the question, due to my side-kick, Pippen, a Toy Austrailian Shepherd who is pretty much one brained...the groove being...KILL ANY KITTY THAT MOVES!!! When the McDonalds had to give up this funny feline they asked if we would take him. I said I would give him a try but he would probably never make it in the house and would thus be relegated to "barn cat" status.
How dumb was I?! Within two days he had Pippen whipped into shape and cowering in a corner. He now completely rules and dominates poor Pippen. His greatest joy is to torment the pooch the moment he knows he's locked in his crate for the night.

It goes like this...Boyfriend will be sound asleep on my bed until he hears the click of the crate door shutting closed. Suddenly, his evil little head will lift from his paws. Swiftly and Silently, he flies through the air pouncing with one felled swoop onto the top of the crate. Hanging over the edge of the wicker box, he begins his side assault through the bars by whapping the poor whipped pup relentlessly about the face.

Luckily, we had his claws removed. I hated doing it but there was ABSOLUTELY no choice. He was death on my expensive Oriental string paper not to mention what he could/would do to the grandkids! Not only does he torture Pippen in his crate, but to add insult to injury he's actually taken over his bed whenever he can get his large flabby body in there--with or without Pippen! [Boyfriend flaunting his power]
His other domain of domination would be at my computer. He can't stand being left out or put aside by a mere machine. I dare not leave the keyboard for a second or the blog will look something like this:


And then there would be the maniacal singing Canary that is his Arch Enemy. But where does the time go? That cat tail will have to wait til tomorrow and hopefully said Canary will still be alive!

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  1. The snowscape of the shire is the awesome evidence of our Creator God and his good gifts to we little ones down below. Exquisite!!! from your little fairies on the Susquehanna.